Sunday School – “Reaching the World,” Colossians 4:1-6

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February 24, 2013

Reach the World-001
Click Here to Print Entire Lesson: Reaching the World

Activities for Lesson:
Younger Children: to demonstrate “Reaching the World” can put together this simple activity using the templates below or by tracing and cutting out their own handprints.

Reaching the World Craft

Reaching the World Craft


Older Children will enjoy making these “Witnessing Bracelets” to remind them of how to live before the world and as a tool for sharing:
“Witness Bracelet Craft”:

Other Activities and Coloring Pages:

In Verse 1 to demonstrate the importance of equality and to intertwine Black History Month, you can use this coloring page of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. :

In verse 2 to bring out the need to “continue in prayer,” you can use these activities:
“God Hears My Prayers” coloring sheet:
“God’s Cellphone” coloring sheet:
“Prayer in Practice” activity:
“Prayer” Coloring sheet:

In verse 3, to demonstrate the importance of praying for leaders, you can use this:
“Pray for Our Leaders” coloring page:

In verse 4, to demonstrate “that I may make it manifest,” you can use these coloring sheets for telling others about Christ:
Scroll down to “Jesus made me for good works”:
“Telling friends about Jesus” coloring page:
“Telling others even when it’s hard”:

In verse 5, to demonstrate “walk in wisdom,” you can use these:
“Source for wisdom” activity:
“Wisdom Bible lesson” activity:

“Redeeming the time,” you can use this coloring sheet to make your own activity:
“Clock” coloring page:

In verse 6, you can use this activity:
“Watch what you say”:

Since our lesson focuses so heavily on our lives before the world, we can use these activities to compliment the lesson. These ideas come from Matthew 5:16 where we are commanded to let our light shine:
“Let Your Light Shine Crafts”:
“Plugged In and Turned on for Jesus”:
“Let Your Light Shine” coloring page:
“Let Your Light Shine” lesson:
“Let Your Light Shine” puzzle:
“Let Your Light Shine” song/coloring page:

Games to reinforce the lesson:
“Amazing Verse” Bible memorization game:
“Bible Jeopardy”:

Below you will find activities for sharing the gospel:
“Sharing Faith Jelly Bean Activity”:
“Sharing Faith Domino Activity”:
“Sharing Faith Penny Activity”:


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