The Privilege of Serving, Luke 22:14-30, Sunday School Lesson For March 24, 2013

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Sunday School is a vital part of any ministry. In it one is able to experience a deeper knowledge of God’s Word. We here at “Word For Life Says” want to help you help others. Below you will find resources to help you prepare for your upcoming lessons. May God bless you.

March 24, 2013: “The Privilege of Serving”

What a busy week this week!  Our Lesson today is so amazing.  In it we see so many elements.  We have all in one lesson: Passover, kingdom of God, The Lord’s/Last Supper, New Covenant, God’s Plan, Who is the Greatest?, Footwashing, Palm Sunday and Serving.

While I did link you to a lot of resources for the many aspect of this week’s lesson, I chose to focus on the actual subject: “The Privilege of Serving.”

I love taking the idea of a monumental event in the coarse of Jesus’ life and focus on what He did best, which was to serve.  Never in His life was the focus on Himself.  Everything He did, He did for others.

This week’s lesson really hones in on that.  Too often many are wondering, as the disciples did, who is the greatest?  Jesus, though He had all authority and power, not only taught them in word, but showed them in deed of what it really means to be great in God’s kingdom.

He used this Last Supper as yet one more opportunity to teach His boys a lesson.  Though not in the lesson text, I have included Jesus washing the feet of His disciples because it is represented in parallel versions of the Last Supper and it wholly focuses on the need to “Serve Others.”

Below you will find some ideas that I thought would go nicely with this lesson.  They focus on the hands, for it is with our hands that we can do a great work for Christ.  We can serve others (with our hands) as if we were Christ.

Click here for wordsearch: The Privilege of Serving Wordsearch

Click here for crossword: The Privilege of Serving Crossword Puzzle  / Answer Key

In getting across the idea of “Serving,” I used crafts incorporating the hands since that’s what we use the most to serve and help others. Enjoy!

**** Here’s a craft I came up with called “The Hand Clapper”(below).  It’s just like the hand clapper/noise makers you can buy, but this one can be made by you and your students.  They will get a kick out of this!



card stock, hot glue, big craft sticks, buttons, crayons/markers for decorating, scripture cutout (below)

  1. Click here to:Print handprint  (I used the 5×7 setting to get two to a page).
  2. Have students decorate/color as they like (it’s easier to do it before cutting it out). Mine is roughly done just for demonstrative purposes.
  3. Cut out handprints and lay them on top of each other.
  4. Using hot glue, glue buttons on the inside of the fingers (I found that 3 buttons for each hand was enough).  Exercise caution when using hot glue or when letting students use it.  You can use regular glue but I think hot glue works best and is faster at drying and letting the children play with their new toy immediately.
  5. Put a large craft stick in the middle of the two hands and hot glue.
  6. Cut out and attach the verse reference to your project: IT’S A PRIVILEGE TO SERVE VERSE CUTOUT
  7. Shake and make some noise! Enjoy and have fun.

(This project can be done effectively with 2 or 3 handprints.  The picture above is done with 3.  It’s easier with two and uses less buttons and supplies and still gets a nice clicking sound.  If you choose to use three handprints, you’ll need to use two crafts sticks for stability.  You’ll also have to attach buttons on both sides of the middle handprint to get your clicking sound.)

****Another craft idea, is to simply print out this Lace It Up Handprint (below) (on cardstock) that the students can decorate and lace with ribbon or yarn.  Attach the verse reference from above to the finished product.

Lace It Up HandprintLace It Up Handprint Picture

**** Continuing with our hand theme, print out a handprint (on cardstock)  to make a Hanprint Necklace (below); or let the child trace their hand print onto construction paper and cut out.  Punch one hole in the top.  Using ribbon or yarn and cut up straws, make this necklace for kids to wear and display “It’s a Privilege to Serve.” (Guess what?  I had some leftover beads from a previous project and added them.  But this is not necessary.  It works just fine with straws since beads can get pricey). Let them decorate it as they see fit. Enjoy! (Don’t forget to attach the verse to it to reinforce the lesson). Below.


Other “Serving” Lesson Helps and Activities:

“Serving Others”

“Crafts for Kids to Serve Others”

“Serving God”

“Serving God Everyday” 

“Teaching Children to Serve (30 Project Ideas)”

“Empty Chair and Prayer Wall” 


“Marshmallow Sheep Memory Verse” (here)


“I Can Be a Service Star” (


“Love and Service Go Hand and Hand” (’s File)


Coloring Page “Helping Out At Home” (


For Coloring Page Click Here “Even a Child is Known by His Doing”


For Coloring Page  Click Here “John 3:18”


For Coloring Page Click Here “Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet”


Click Here to Download this PDF  “Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet”

Last Supper/Lord’s Supper Coloring Pages and Activities:

Another Last Supper PDF Coloring Page Click Here 


Coloring Page (above) From Sermons4kids Click Here 


****(In a pinch for time preparation and resources, as most Sunday School Teachers are,  this is a well thought out and simple activity to do with student and it’s big.  It prints the size of two papers) (picture above). “Sunday School Kids: The Last Supper” Click Here 

“Last Supper Craft” From Click Here 


******Another simple and easy throw together craft using a paper plate (picture above). From Click here

“The Last Supper Coloring Page/Wordsearch/Crossword from Calvary Curriculum” Click Here 

Palm Sunday Ideas:


Make these Palm Sunday Handprints (very easy activity) (above) click here 


Click here for Coloring Sheet from Click Here 



Go to Sermons4Kids for Great Printables on “The Praise Parade” Click Here

Other Lesson Helps:

Verse 15: “Passover” activities from Ministry to Children:

Verse 20: “New Covenant” Coloring Page From Abda Acts Click Here:

“Passion Week” (loads of coloring pages for this special time of the year from Abda Acts:

Verse 22: “God Has a Plan”:

Verse 24: “Who is the Greatest”:


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