Love in Action

“Love in Action!” There’s no better way to say. We can learn many life lessons from the innocence and purity of a child’s heart. Let this story touch you as it did those in the waiting room on that day and may the example of this little boy become our example to the world!

Morning Story and Dilbert

Every eye in the doctor’s waiting room turned toward the weary-looking mother pushing a wheelchair into the room. A severely disabled boy lolled back in the chair.

Another boy sitting near the door smiled tentatively at the boy in the wheelchair, whose face was transformed as he smiled back. The boy sitting near the door stood and approached the wheelchair.

“Hi!” he said. “My name is Tim. What’s yours?”

The mother replied softly, “His name is Jerry. He can’t talk.”

Tim said, “That’s all right. I’ll just talk to him, if it’s okay.”

“I like your shoes, Jerry,” Tim continued. He lifted his foot so Jerry could see. “They’re almost like mine.”

Jerry smiled, and the two boys “talked” until Jerry was called back to see the doctor. Everyone in the waiting room was silent, awed by the love and acceptance Tim had exhibited in reaching out to Jerry.


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