“Keep Your Eyes on Jesus!”

God wants us to step out into extraordinary living. By keeping our eyes on Jesus we can do the impossible.

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Matthew 14:30-31 Wallpaper
“But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying Lord, save me,” Matthew 14:30

There was a point in Matthew 14 where the disciples were not sure if the image they were seeing was actually the Lord. Finding out that it was Him, in a move of boldness, Peter requested, “Bid me come unto thee on the water,” (vs. 28).  Jesus’ response – “Come!” (vs.29).

How difficult, had we not known this familiar story, would it have been for us to get out of that boat and venture to do the impossible?  I mean – really?!  People are not known for walking on water, which is one of the reasons, they originally thought Jesus was a spirit (vs. 26).  Watching Jesus take command over what normally cannot be subdued, moved something inside of Peter to do what Jesus did.

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2 thoughts on ““Keep Your Eyes on Jesus!”

  1. "light and salt" says:

    Peter was an “all or none” kind of disciple. He acted on emotional faith in many cases and made a few mistakes along the way, as we all do! The Lord loves him as He does all of us…and our faith is built up in reading about the successes and failures of others.

    God will hide nothing from us, for all in His word is meant to teach us and create more faith…

    Steve Pejay


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