“Focus Shift”

Sometimes in the midst of adversity it’s hard to see beyond the troubles we are currently in. Jesus teaches us through His real life example how to have a “Focus Shift.” Jesus knew what He was going through. He wasn’t blind to the fact that He was in pain. It’s what He CHOSE to do in spite of it all. He CHOSE to focus on others! Read today’s devotional and be encouragingly blessed.

Word For Life Says...

"It's all in how you look at it!" “It’s all in how you look at it!”

“It’s all in how you look at it.”  At least, that’s what I hear some say.  Perspective, if you will, changes one’s outlook on a lot of things in life.

How do you view the position you are in now?  Is everything going okay for you or are you finding yourself fighting through, just trying to make it to the other side of adversity?


It’s rather hard to see the glass as half full when you feel half empty.  To imagine a silver lining when in all honesty all I see is dark clouds.  And, somebody must have put a rock at the end of my tunnel blocking out all light because I just don’t see it.


How we feel matters, but then again, it doesn’t matter.

When we feel positive and optimistic it is easy for us to shower others with

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