Yesterday I heard the word “surreal” over and over again on our local news.  Why? Because our city suffered attack by some of its own residents.  This blew the mind’s of many, and mine as well.

I was born and raised in Baltimore City (as was my husband also) and lived every where across the city from N. Montford Ave. (around Patterson Park area) to Brooklyn Homes to South Baltimore, off of Washington Blvd.  I went to school on East Lombard Street (when it was still a school) and I go to church on West Lombard Street.  I played in Patterson Park as a kid and also in the Fells Point area.  Although we live on the outskirts of the city now in Baltimore County, Baltimore is still a piece of us.  It’s all we knew growing up.  It is still where we go to church today.  It is still the place where a lot of family and friends live.  It is still our city.

Yesterday was something that I never thought that I would see here.  We stayed in front of the television most of the evening, not sure of what would happen next.  Our personal Facebook timelines were being blown up (so to speak) with reports of events transpiring as well as personal reports from friends who could hear chaos and sirens in their own neighborhoods.

At one point during the evening, I went to my room and shut the door.  With tears rolling I just began to pray for our Beautiful Baltimore.  Yes, Baltimore is still beautiful.

Often in life we hear “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” or “A person is not to be defined by one failure.”  I say the same is true for our city.  Don’t let the events of yesterday define us or our future of tomorrow.  This city is so much more than that.  It is a place rich with history and heritage.  It is a place filled with loving people and concerned citizens (just like anywhere else).  And, to many, Baltimore will always be HOME!

As I watch the news right now our beautiful young people are in the streets with various marching bands and dancers.  They are showing the world our beautiful Baltimore.  They are putting a smile on many faces because this is the Baltimore we know and this is the Baltimore we love.

Don’t judge our story by a day.  We are still Charm City.  We are still Bmore.  We are still Baltimore the Beautiful, Hon!

Let’s continue to pass on that positive message.  Show the world your #BaltimoreTheBeautiful.  Instead of negatives, post your positive pictures, selfies or whatever of Baltimore.  Whether you are a resident or a visitor, and you had a nice visit to the Harbor and rode the paddle boats and water taxi’s, or those beautiful church selfies that you take before and after Sunday services in front of your place of worship, or you’re just hanging on your front steps.  Post it on your timelines with #BaltimoreTheBeautiful.

Whether you’re  jogging, biking or walking around Lake Montebello, playing basketball at your local court, taking a stroll through Little Italy, playing golf at Carroll Park or what have you.  It doesn’t matter.  Post your positive pics.  Show them your Artscape.  Show them your family cookouts.  Show them your Honfest.  Show them how we eat crabs.  Show them your parade pics. Show them your restaurants.  Show them your zoo trips.  Show them your Baltimore!

Show the world this is who we really are.  We are #BaltimoreTheBeautiful!




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