“Know That God Hears!”

There’s a wonderful feeling of release that washes over you when you give God your distresses, woes, and worries in prayer. That feeling comes because we know He hears; we know that He is paying attention to our cries and He is not slack toward His people.

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“I called on the LORD in distress; the LORD answered me and set me in a broad place,”

Psalm 118:5, NKJV

It was one of those moments in prayer when you could utter no words, tearing streaming down your face, and only one phrase keeps repeating itself in the heart. That was me last night and try as I might to redirect my prayer, the Holy Spirit within me kept drawing me back to Psalm 118:5. I couldn’t get past it. After several attempts to lead my own prayer, I acquiesced.

There had to be a reason why my heart stayed so solely on this one verse. Revelation struck in the midst, telling me that I needed to be reassured that God hears me.  Sometimes the heart, as faithful as it can be, needs the additional support of knowing God hears.

“I called on the LORD!” God has so many…

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4 thoughts on ““Know That God Hears!”

  1. Faye Young says:

    Thank you for that encouraging bible verse it lets me know that God will answer us when we are in distress, all though sometimes God will have is wait on him for an answer, but I thank God today that he will see about us amen.

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