“What God Has for You, it is for You!”

 A thought to share:

This morning while dropping my daughter off at school I spotted a rainbow in the sky. There was no rain, no storms; just sun and rainbow with some clouds. I thought about the symbol of the rainbow standing for God’s promise.

Then, I thought about the idea of having a rainbow without the rain is almost like having the promise without the storm. I said to myself, “Lord, any time you want to give me a promise without a storm or rain, that’s alright with me lol.”

It was just a nice thought but it reminded me that no matter what goes on in life if God made you a promise it will come to pass, rain or not. Your circumstances don’t dictate God’s promises. Yes, there will be rainy days and more often than not we have to go through them to reach the promise. Regardless of what it looks like, rain or shine, WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU IT IS FOR YOU!

The world may speak all kinds of ugliness against the promises of God, but I declare today peace and prosperity in what God says will come to pass.  Hold on to His promise for you and never let it go.  

Blessings ~

 Photo Credit: Pixabay

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