Your Amazing IF

Your Amazing If/

IF has been around since the beginning of humanity.  IF usually comes with choice, consequence, and question.  But, what if IF can be a statement of faith?  What if IF can be a declaration of what you believe God can do in your life.  

One of my favorite IF questions in the Bible led to a miracle occurring and the constraints of what is normally not possible being removed.  IF unlocks the amazing in one man’s life, never to be repeated by another human being except for Jesus Christ.  Tossed about in the waves of contrary winds, Jesus’ disciples are struggling in a boat in the middle of the sea when Jesus came to them walking on the water (see Matthew 14:22-33).  After Jesus greeted the men in the boat and calmed them, Peter asked, “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water,” (Matthew 14:28; italics added mine).  

I believe Peter knew wholeheartedly it was Jesus since some Bible studies use the word IF as SINCE.  Thus, I believe Peter’s IF is a statement of faith, even if it appeared to be an immature faith at the onset.  He believed in Jesus.  He believed if Jesus allowed him to he would be able to do what is naturally impossible.  He, under the direction of the Lord, could do the amazing and walk on water.

Now, many of us are very familiar with how Peter’s story here ends.  Seeing the waves his faith falters and Jesus is there to pull him up from his sinking condition and bring him back to the boat.  Yet, that isn’t the part I want to focus on here.  I want to focus on the power of the IF that drew him out of the boat in the first place, where other men stayed hidden, to literally throw it all to the wind with the chance to experience the amazing.

We can laugh at Peter and put him down, but how many of us can honestly answer that we would have gotten out of the boat also?  You see IF can be a hindrance causing over questioning and actually act as a stumbling block for not moving forward into something wonderful.  But, IF can also be the catalyst to open a door of opportunity if it is approached with the idea that something amazing can come out of taking a chance with Jesus; to move on to the waters of the unknown with my eyes on Him.

The phrase “What if?” has birthed a lot of good quotes and with good reason.  In that two-worded question, we are daring to ask ourselves the question: “Do I stay in the boat or do I choose to walk on water?”  We are daring to see potential in ourselves to do more than the ordinary; to do something amazing with my IF.  

Where is your IF calling you today or even this week?  What extraordinary thing may unlock for you if you take a chance with your IF?  I believe God gives us dreams to pursue, but it’s our faith in active pursuit of that IF that will allow the amazing happen for us, just like it did for Peter.  Jesus most certainly could have gotten to the boat without walking on water, but then Peter, or any one of the disciples, would have never had the opportunity to ask and pursue something more.  

Is Jesus calling you to walk on water?  Is He calling you to take steps of faith in pursuit of a particular IF?  If He is, keep your eyes on Him and allow Him to lead you to your amazing IF.  

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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