God wants holiness in our lives and in our worship. I love a message that pronounces blessings just as much as the next person, but without holiness, it means absolutely nothing in His sight. As a whole we need to come back to the central theme of holiness because the LORD requires nothing less.

I am not talking about rules and regulations, but rather hearts fully dedicated to Him because they recognize that He is the LORD and they want to give Him the best of themselves. And, that’s a holy life.

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Reading in Leviticus this morning, particularly chapter 22, in the midst of what seems to be a bunch of rules, regulations and requirements for offering, these four words kept jumping out at me: I AM THE LORD.  As a matter of fact, these words appear in this exact order seven times in in this one chapter alone.

Many shy away from thorough reading of books such as Leviticus because they can be lengthy and somewhat a boring read to some.  In a book that is filled with details and sacrifice, commandments and consecration’s, what to eat and what not to eat, cleanness and uncleanness, relationships and feasts, laws and penalties – all was laid out for the purpose of worshiping God in holiness; because, as He said, “I AM THE LORD!”

As a matter of fact, these four words appear throughout this entire book, not just chapter 22, many, many…

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