“Faith Without Works is Dead!”

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” James 2:26

Remember the days of “Show and Tell” at school?  It was an opportunity for one to not just talk about what they do or have, but to display visible evidence before their classmates of a possession or skill.

Jesus was a “Show and Tell” Savior.  He drew many crowds to Himself through the many miracles that He performed: feeding 5,000, healing the sick, raising the dead and so on.  People often marveled at what He could do.  He did more than just talk the talk or preach and lecture, He demonstrated the power of the Kingdom of God through Himself.

While you and I may not be multiplying a boy’s lunch to feed 5,000, we can through our actions and service toward one another, volunteer to feed some.  We may not be raising the dead or healing the sick (although, miracles really do still happen), we can volunteer to comfort and help those around us in need.  What this does is it shows that we are more than just talk; rather our faith is manifested in what we do.

James knew that people needed to see the church displaying tangible evidence of what they say they believe.  Jesus, along with many others in the Bible, let their works speak for them.  And, how they worked showed what the real measure of their faith was on the inside of them.

For a man or woman to say they have faith or are in the faith without evidence to back it up is like saying one is a doctor without a degree to prove it.  When I go into a doctor’s office I am actually one of those people who will read the accreditations on the wall.  This is the proof that they can take care of me.  What I see hanging before me are speaking up on behalf of the individual to whom I am submitting myself to for care.  Those papers on the walls are little, personal testimonies.

Faith that is worked out operates in the same manner.  Faith is not silent.  Faith is full of action.  Faith is alive.  Faith is shared through works to testify of its genuineness and sincerity.  Faith does more than move mountains.  If it is lived out in the lives of the men and women of God, it can move hearts toward salvation!

When one is living a life of faith people should be able to look at their life, their actions, as signs of accreditation that we belong to God.  They should be able to tell by how we operate and carry ourselves through our display of service, that we live what we talk.

What can you and I do to show a hurting world that we have their best interest in mind; that we genuinely care about them as a person?  True faith believes and then allows that belief to be put to work.  True faith has heavenly aspirations that work out to show good on earth.

What you profess and what you do together should match up to display a well-rounded Christian.  People can’t claim they are heaven bound and yet show no heavenly fruit in their lives.  Anne Frank said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world,” (Quotegarden.com).  What are you waiting for?  Show the world that God is alive in you!  Put some action behind those words you speak!  Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven,” (emphasis mine).  This light shines by what it is doing.  This kind of faith can make a bigger impact in this world and draw more men to God.

Faith without fruit is not an operational faith.  It’s stale.  It’s stagnating.  It does no good.  Real faith has to act out what it is experiencing on the inside.  Real, genuine faith will not just be content in a life of mediocrity – never accomplishing or making a difference for His kingdom.  Real faith wants to see better in and for people’s lives.  Real faith shows itself and overflows to those around him or her.

Faith, without the outward workings of tangible evidence, is just as dead as a body without a spirit (James 2:26).  There is no life there.  We are called to show life to a dying generation.  This is best done when our faith is put into action.  We can demonstrate the power of the Kingdom of God through lives that operate in living faith.

Jesus Christ’s ultimate testimony of “Show and Tell” was accomplished on the cross where He laid down His life to show this dying world that a new life can be found through Him.  He put what was on the inside of Him in action.


Photo Credit: Pixabay

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