“The Seven Called to Serve” Sunday School Lesson Activities for Acts 6:1-8

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Sunday School is a vital part of any ministry. In it, one is able to experience a deeper knowledge of God’s Word. We here at “Word For Life Says” want to help you help others. Below you will find resources to help you prepare for your upcoming lessons. May God bless you!

“The Seven Called to Serve”

Acts 6:1-8

Please Note: All lesson verses and titles are based on International Sunday School Lesson/Uniform Series ©2013 by the Lesson Committee, but all content/commentary written within is original to wordforlifesays.com unless properly quoted/cited. As always you are encouraged to do your own studies as well.  Blessings!)

Please note: there are no printable lessons, only activities available, until after Labor Day.

What an awesome curriculum year this has been!  We have covered so many interesting stories and learned about different characters in the Bible with a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of who they are.  With August, we are approaching the end of this curriculum year and are preparing to enter into a new one.

With that, I must ask, “Where has this summer gone?”  It seems not too long ago we were waiting for tree buds to turn to leaves and for cool, crisp days to warm up so that we could play outside longer.

Summer, according to school schedules and such, is almost to an end and soon we will all be back to school and back to our fall hectic schedules and routines.

I just wanted you guys to know how much I appreciate you, my readers and Sunday School subscribers.

With this last month before summer draws to a close, I will be taking time off from writing Sunday School lessons, as I do every year around this time, so that I may be able to spend more time with my family and pursue other writing projects.  So there will be no new Sunday School Lessons published for the month of August and the first week of September, until after Labor Day.

I will still occasionally post Devotions, encouraging pictures and such; but I will not be adding any new Sunday School lessons until our fall quarter, after Labor Day. In an attempt to help my readers, I will try to share activities and resources from previous lessons that may be suitable and easily applied to the current week’s lesson.  

I thank God for each and every one of you.  You have blessed me tremendously with your love, kind words and support. 

I have AWESOME readers and subscribers to my Sunday School page.

You guys are a wonderful group of people!

I hope you have had a wonderful summer and that the blessings of the Lord have favored you with His love.

I look forward to seeing you all back here in the fall season.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you all.


 Below are some resources I have gathered and put together to help support this week’s lesson. Enjoy!

Word Search: The Seven Called to Serve Word Search  Answers: The Seven Called to Serve Word Search Answers

Crossword: The Seven Called to Serve Crossword  Answers: The Seven Called to Serve Crossword Answers

Word Scramble: The Seven Called to Serve Word Scramble  Answers: The Seven Called to Serve Word Scramble Answers

Draw the Scene: The Seven Called to Serve Draw the Scene

Memory Verse: The Seven Called to Serve Memory Verse

Activity Journal Sheet: The Seven Called to Serve Activity Journal Sheet


In getting across the idea of “Serving,” I used crafts incorporating the hands since that’s what we use the most to serve and help others. Enjoy!

Here’s a craft I came up with called “The Hand Clapper”(below). It’s just like the hand clapper/noise makers you can buy, but this one can be made by you and your students.  They will get a kick out of this!



card stock, hot glue, big craft sticks, buttons, crayons/markers for decorating, Scripture cutout (below)

  1. Click here to: Print handprint (I used the 5×7 setting to get two to a page).
  2. Have students decorate/color as they like (it’s easier to do it before cutting it out). Mine is roughly done just for demonstrative purposes.
  3. Cut out handprints and lay them on top of each other.
  4. Using hot glue, glue buttons on the inside of the fingers (I found that 3 buttons for each hand were enough).  Exercise caution when using hot glue or when letting students use it.  You can use regular glue but I think hot glue works best and is faster at drying and letting the children play with their new toy immediately.
  5. Put a large craft stick in the middle of the two hands and hot glue.
  6. Cut out and attach the verse reference to your project: SERVING ONE ANOTHER VERSE CUTOUT (The picture above shows the verse cut out for The Privilege of Serving.  If you are doing this project substitute it with the Serving One Another cut out instead).
  7. Shake and make some noise! Enjoy and have fun.

(This project can be done effectively with 2 or 3 handprints.  The picture above is done with 3.  It’s easier with two and uses fewer buttons and supplies and still gets a nice clicking sound.  If you choose to use three handprints, you’ll need to use two crafts sticks for stability.  You’ll also have to attach buttons on both sides of the middle handprint to get your clicking sound.)


Another craft idea, is to simply print out this Lace It Up Handprint (below)(on cardstock) that the students can decorate and lace with ribbon or yarn.  Attach the verse refers  to the finished product:  SERVING ONE ANOTHER VERSE CUTOUT – PDF OF LACE IT UP HANDPRINT




Continuing with our hand theme, print out a handprint (on cardstock)  to make a Hanprint Necklace (below); or let the child trace their hand print onto construction paper and cut out.  Punch one hole in the top.  Using ribbon or yarn and cut up straws, make this necklace for kids to wear and display “It’s a Privilege to Serve.” (Guess what?  I had some leftover beads from a previous project and added them.  But this is not necessary.  It works just fine with straws since beads can get pricey). Let them decorate it as they see fit. Enjoy! (Don’t forget to attach the verse to it to reinforce the lesson).



Other Lesson Help Resources and Activities:

“Seven Men are Chosen to Minister”

“Helpers for the Apostles”

“Care for Others by Doing Your Job”

“The First Deacons”

“Seven Helpers are Chosen”

“Servants of Need”

“Serving Others”

“Crafts for Kids to Serve Others”

“Serving God”

“Serving God Everyday”

“Teaching Children to Serve (30 Project Ideas)”

“Empty Chair and Prayer Wall” 

Coloring Page “Helping Out At Home” ( edupics.com)

“I Can Be a Service Star” (Sugardoodle.net)



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