“Called to Break Down Barriers” | Sunday School Activities for Acts 8:26-39


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Sunday School is a vital part of any ministry. In it, one is able to experience a deeper knowledge of God’s Word. We here at “Word For Life Says” want to help you help others. Below you will find resources to help you prepare for your upcoming lessons. May God bless you!

“Called to Break Down Barriers”

Acts 8:26-39

Please Note: All lesson verses and titles are based on International Sunday School Lesson/Uniform Series ©2013 by the Lesson Committee, but all content/commentary written within is original to wordforlifesays.com unless properly quoted/cited. As always you are encouraged to do your own studies as well.  Blessings!)

Please note: there are no printable lessons, only activities available, until after Labor Day.

Below are activities to support this week’s lesson.  Enjoy!

Word Search: Called to Break Down Barriers Word Search  Answers: Called to Break Down Barriers Word Search Answers

Crossword: Called to Break Down Barriers Crossword  Answers: Called to Break Down Barriers Crossword Answers

Word Scramble: Called to Break Down Barriers Word Scramble  Answers: Called to Break Down Barriers Word Scramble Answers

Draw the Scene: Called to Break Down Barriers Draw the Scene

Memory Verse: Called to Break Down Barriers Memory Verse

Below are Activities/Links/Resources to support this week’s lesson.  Enjoy!

“Philip and the Ethiopian”

“Philip Teaches the Man from Ethiopia”

“Acts 8 Activities”

“Acts: Philip and the Ethiopian”

“Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch”

“Philip and Eunuch Craft”

“Philip and the Ethiopian Man”

“Philip and the Ethiopian Video/Kids”

“Chariot Craft”

“Philip and the Ethiopian Official”

“Memory Verse Activities for Any Lesson”

“Memory Activities for Sunday School”

“Sketching Bible Memory Verse”

“Create Your Own Memory Verse Activities”

“Hangman”:  This old game is excellent for lesson reinforcement.  Simply print the worksheet from Printactivities.com, get your verses or phrases from the lesson you want to use or the students want to use with each other, play and enjoy!  (A single hangman page can be found at Thetripclip.com.  Enjoy!) (Great for memory verses!)

“Bible Baseball” (A great lesson review game.  Enjoy!)

“Bible Verse Balloon Batting” (A great memory verse game.  Enjoy!)

“Preaching the Gospel”

“Dominoes Object Lesson for Kids Evangelism”

“Object Lessons About Evangelism for Kids”

“Sharing Faith for Kids”

“Crafts for Kids for Telling Others About Jesus”

“Selling God’s Word” (A witnessing activity for kids.  Enjoy!)

“Verse Connection Printable Activity”

“Healthy Flower Activity”

“Ask a Friend Object Talk”

“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel Craft with Template”

“Wordless Book Craft for Witnessing”

“Fishers of Men Snack”

“Invite a Friend to Sunday School Coloring”

“The Great Commission Coloring”

“The Great Commission Activities and Coloring”

“Craft – The Great Commission”

“Great Commission Craft”

“The Church Tells Everyone Jesus’ Good News Coloring Sheet”

“I Can Tell My Friends About Jesus Coloring Sheet”

“Inviting Others Coloring Page”

“Each One Can Reach One Maze”

“Fishing for People Dot to Dot”

“All the Children of the World” (A great object using eggs, not to mention printables, coloring, and group activities such as “Thumb Print Children” and “Play Dough Kids” that really engage students in this lesson.  Enjoy!)

Above Photo Credit: Pixabay

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