“Rabbi, is it I?”

The next time when the love we shed for another seems to be all for nought, remember Christ. Remember how His love was betrayed. Remember how His love was afflicted. Remember how His love compelled Him to continue on.

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“Then Judas, who was betraying Him, answered and said, ‘Rabbi, is it I?'” Matthew 26:25, NKJV

Love betrayed.  The betrayed and the betrayer locked in questioning gaze.  A tension of certainty and doubt filling the air of what was to be a beautiful last dinner spent with His disciples.

On the one hand is Christ.  He has done nothing but show love, concern and compassion toward all who met Him.  From the miracles to the teachings, He has treasured each life that came across His path enough to compel Him to know that the cross was the only way to save them all.  Love was His motto.

Then, there is Judas Iscariot.  The betrayer.  The sell-out.  The one who was close to Christ but now has become an enemy of Christ.  Selfishness is what compelled him to give it all up for thirty pieces of silver. …

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