Believe in Me | Devotional

Although it’s nice to get support and high fives from those around you, it’s not always going to happen. That’s okay because God believes in you. He knows you can do it. He is the one that has planted the vision and gifts in you. He has already seen the beginning from the end and the view is phenomenally pleasant when His children walk in their divine purpose.

Word For Life Says...

believe in me

Support.  The look in another’s eye that says they see the potential in your dreams.  The interest there in seeing you excel greater than where you are; the prompting that pushes you into your destiny further than you ever believed you could possibly be.

To have one backing you in such a way means the world.  An earthly companion who hooks themselves to the future they see in you – marvellous!  But, what if it’s not there?  What if there is none who holds your hand and speaks words of encouragement to strengthen you to power through the fight, and press on?

As much as those pats on the back mean, they pale in comparison to the God who gave you the vision in the first place.  Often raising above the norm to see higher heights becomes a lonesome climb.  Despite the difficulties one faces in the process, God has…

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