“Troubles Won’t Last Always. Don’t Give Up!”

We don’t know why we often seem to be in a
holding pattern but we can be assured
that during the process, God is working
out His purpose in the midst of it all. In the end,
whatever He designed for that appointed
time, place, etc will take its rightful place in the
grand scheme of things. Troubles won’t last
always. There will come a shift of seasons.
The wintry blows that may tear at the heart of
life will eventually give way to the blossoming
of something new and better on the horizon.
The holding pattern will break and the days of
crying will give way to rejoicing. The times of
mourning must move that we may dance.
Some seasons may be harder than others to
endure, but trust God’s perfect timing through
it all and don’t give up (Gal. 6:9).


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