Walk Away Differently!


Never!  And, I mean, never leave the presence of God the same way you came.  Anybody who has had a true, real-life encounter with God walks away differently.

  • Moses’ face shone with the glory of His brightness (Exodus 34:29-35).
  • Jacob left with a limp, but a new name (Genesis 32:22-32).
  • Abraham left with a promise (Genesis 12:1-3).
  • Paul was knocked off his beast, but had a new mission in life (Acts 9:1-16).

I could really go on and on with example after example (way too many to mention).  Any time we come into the presence of God we should not leave the same way we came.  There is something supernatural that should take over this holy encounter as the Spirit that dwells in you, dear believer, hooks up with the Source of all life.

When meeting with God there is an awe-inspiring reverential feeling that takes over the atmosphere of your heart.  Whether it be a physical meeting of something more, or if we are speaking of meeting with Him in prayer, worship, reading the Word, and the like – there should be some manifestation that you have been where He is.

Am I talking about walking away with a physical expression causing you to walk funny the rest of your life?  No.  Unless that is His will.  But, what I am talking about is there should be a change of some sort that takes place; something that attests to the fact that He and I have communed together on a personal, spiritual level.

Perhaps a situation that looked hopeless was comforted in prayer leaving you with a calm you didn’t feel before.  Maybe sorrows grabbed your heart, but through His Word peace was revealed and hope renewed for another day.  In any way, shape, or form that we have an opportunity to hook up with God; to be where He is and to be filled up of Him; we should be fully spiritually awakened to that specific moving of the hour and take full advantage of time spent with Him.

Things can be changed when we meet with God!  We don’t have to leave the same way we came!  He can do a complete turnaround in the hearts and minds of men.  He makes the impossible become possible.  He can speak and things come to pass that never existed.  Or, just being where He is can renew faith, lift spirits, and dawn hope on a future path that was once appeared dreary.

If you come to a service, make up your mind you won’t leave the same way you came in.  There should always be a better impact of being where He is.  There should always be a holy impression made on you and your life from drawing nigh unto the Almighty.  If we meet with Him in life, prayer, praise, or whatever and wherever – do so with the same ambitious determined mentality: “I will walk away differently than I came.  I am going to benefit from my encounter with God Almighty.”

And, please, hear me really clearly – I am not referring to selfish benefits, dear friend.  For the world and the church hears too much of that these days.  The benefits I speak of are things only He can do in your life; they are workings only He can perform for those who come to where He is.

Yes, some of the examples above show physical blessings of holy encounters.  How much more blessed if we walk away with spiritual benefits abounding?  “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly,” John 10:10 proclaims.  Sweeter still if that abundance is overflowing with the beauty of who He is working on the inside of someone like you and me.