Words to Live By – “God’s ways lead to life, wellness, and promise.”


“Ye shall walk in all the ways which the LORD your God hath commanded you, that ye may live, and that it may be well with you, and that ye may prolong your days in the land which ye shall possess.” Deuteronomy 5:33


“Recognizing Jesus”


“And it came to pass, that, while they communed together and reasoned, Jesus himself drew near, and went with them. But their eyes were holden that they should not know him,” Luke 24:15-16, KJV

Can we even imagine what it must have been like for Christ’s disciples to witness His crucifixion? Many of them were eyewitnesses to the miraculous feats He did and the miracles He performed. So, how could it all end like this? He was the One of this they were sure, why did this happen to Him?

Dumbfounded and flabbergasted just plain ole, “I can’t believe that just happened,” attitude. All these emotions must have truly assailed the psyche of those who were closest to Jesus. There was so much hope tied up in who they believed He was, now all seems to be at a loss. “What more can we do?” With that, they carried their heavy-laden hearts down the road, believing all to be lost for good.

It is sad to be in the presence of Jesus one moment, and the next, to be completely taken aback and wondering, “What in the world just happened?” If truth be told, we have all been there at one point or another. Everything is going peachyfine, and the next, BAM! A side-blow of life has come and knocked our understanding of the way things were down.

These disciples were no different from most of us. Going through hard times of sadness and misunderstanding can obscure one’s view. Whether traveling with a buddy in this or going the road alone, it is sometimes hard to contemplate all the who’s, what’s and why’s of everything that has gone wrong.

Believe me, when I tell you, I know what it is to be sad. I know what it is to experience bad feelings.  To be hurt and confused, to be let down, disappointed, and to feel unloved.  Going through these events can leave us reeling with the same thought I penned to the disciples, “What in the world just happened?” And just like the disciples, sometimes it becomes hard to see clearly.

Dealing with trials is like being in a crowd that’s taller than yourself and trying to see the main event. The crowd becomes all the things we put up with, and the main event, of course, is Jesus. We know He’s there and we know what He can do, but to view Him is hard because of the crowd, because of the trials. We jump up to catch glimpses and we try to push our way through, but the crowd is unyielding, blocking our way.

Jesus was there, walking and talking with His disciples, but they didn’t recognize Him. They couldn’t see through the events they just witnessed to recognize that this is Jesus, Him of whom they are speaking. Tragedy has shielded their sight. That’s why I’m glad Jesus stepped up when He did, lest they would have felt all hope was gone.

A clear vision of Jesus, no matter where we find ourselves in life, is imperative to our Christian faith. That’s why I love the Word of God! When no one else can comfort me or help me through times of sadness, His Word is unfailing! It gives me a very clear view of who Jesus is, helping me to recognize Him even in the hardest of times. All of God’s Word is inspirational. In every book, I have found help to keep me grounded in Him, but there’s something special about the Psalms. In it is praise and worship, but also the cries of the human heart when life seems overwhelming.

Jesus used the Word to help with the dismay of His disciples at this tragic time (Luke 24:27).  I attempted to pick a few favorites to list but was unable. I have too many highlighted and each one speaks to me on a personal level. I admonish you to prayerfully go through them for yourself. Find the ones that speak to you and make them your own to hold on to. I guarantee that there is more than one with your name on it. God’s Word can help you to clear out the crowd so that you can see the main event, so that you can recognize Him when everything and everybody else is trying to get in the way.

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“Stand For Truth!”

“He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness…” Proverbs 12:17

 There is a lot being said and there is a lot not being said on truth.  Confused?  Let me explain.  In the secular mindset, there are many who have rallied to challenge and deny the idea of absolute truth.  The idea that one way or one specific train of thought is right for all men is a little too much for them to grasp.  Instead, they promote the idea that truth is only relevant to one’s understanding of the matter.

Whereas, on the other hand those who proclaim they are bearers of the truth, who have found their understanding of life, faith, and purpose based on what truth declares about them, are eerily silent.  This is one reason, one of the greatest reasons we have witnessed a shift in the atmosphere, especially here in our own country.  The declaration of what has always been wrong has now become right, and what has always been right is now deemed wrong in the eyes of many.  And, the truth-bearers remain silent.

Silence is a killer of a nation.  Silence allows things to go unchallenged.  Silence gives people permission to carry on as is without regard to consequence.  Consequences that not only the individual involved must experience, but also how it seeps into the very fabric of our culture staining it forevermore.

Think of your life today.  What would it look like if those who stood for truth in our history remained silent?  We have a voice and we should be heard!  Whether in actual speech or in the action of our daily lives, as Christians people should know where we stand.  When they are around us they should know what behaviors and ideas are acceptable.  They should know because of our affiliation with Christ, “We don’t play that!”  “That’s unacceptable and I will not be a part of it.”

Alas, many of us are sending the world too many mixed signals.  Sometimes we profess to want to go right and we turn left.  Or, we say we want to go up but end up supporting the causes of them that go down.  We have confused the world and have become confused ourselves in the process making the value of the truth we stand for appear watered-down.

“He who speaks truth declared righteousness . . .”   Truth falls in line as an attribute of God.  “God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent . . .” (Numbers 23:19).  He can’t do anything but support that which is just because that is who He is.  “Righteousness and justice are the habitation of your throne: mercy and truth shall go before your face,” (Psalm 89:14).  In essence, he who chooses to stand for truth chooses to stand for everything God believes in and is.  You become a supporter of His causes.

The Bible tells us,  “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not,” (Galatians 6:9).  All we have to do is stand for truth.  It’s like the old westerns we grew up watching where good always wins (even if it doesn’t presently seem so).

No matter what the world may be doing, you and I must keep doing what is right.  There is an absolute Truth!  He is God!  Everything that is right begins and ends with Him.  So, when we stand for truth, we stand for Him and I can’t think of a better place to be.