“Interruption of Peace”

interruption of peace


God blesses.  He’s the author of all that’s good and lovely.  The enemy, on the other hand, opposes all the wonderfulness that God has in store for His people.

Have you ever noticed that God will bring you to a place of sanctuary in your life; a place to make things right, restore, and grant rest for the weary world traveler?  Then, the enemy swoops in quickly to try to undo the blessedness of God.

FYI, that’s his job.  He comes to “steal, kill, and destroy,” (John 10:10).  The moment God brings you to a place of rejuvenation, a place where you feel you access grace and peace – the enemy deploys hatred, confusion, and anything it takes to disassemble what God has put together for us.

It’s not a strange thing, even if it hurts, to feel under attack when being blessed by God.  These interruptions of peace are designed to throw you off your spiritual game; yet in Him, we are assured that we are “more than conquerors,” (Romans 8:37).  We have the overcoming ability to rise above troubles and to claim the peace God so freely gives.

The Bible declares, “The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blessed His people with peace,” (Psalm 29:1).  Peace is a divine blessing.  It’s something that is the right of every child of God to have.  Although our outward situations may not favor that sentiment, it’s the inward man that is to stand up in faith, believing every word of God to be true, that fights and upholds the right for that God-given peace.

“He promises peace to his people,” (Psalm 85:8) and that’s something we shouldn’t easily let go of.  We sing the songs that tell what God has for me, it is for me, but we have to do more than sing it – we have to claim it, own it, and diligently fight day-by-day to possess it as our own.

How do we do that?  We are told, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee,” (Isaiah 26:3).  The place where the interruption of peace is hardest fought is in the mind.  When hurts and confusions begin to penetrate that tranquil soil of promise it sprouts weeds of dysfunction, distrust, and terror that were not meant to be there.

But, when one’s focus shifts from what is right before the eyes to beyond the surface and refuses to let go of that promise of peace, those seeds of faith will germinate by His heavenly grace and become fully mature fruit in your life.

It’s all about what you decide to let to be dominant in your life.  Your focus can either be your weapon or your enemy.  It can either help you to look past what is currently before you or it can be your stumbling block that doesn’t let you get over this hill.

Here’s the thing.  You get to decide for yourself which one it will be.  Faith is not passive – it’s very much active.  You are the one that has to fight for it.  You are the one that has to refuse to give up on God’s promise for you.

Interruptions of peace will come, but how far it gains access is up to you.


“God Can Turn Your Situation Around and Make You Dance!” – Words To Live By

My Project 184-001

If you are longing for a turn-around, God is all the hope you need.

“A Prayer for Today . . .”

My Project 442-001


Father God,

We don’t always understand why we have to hurt the way we do. We don’t always know the reason behind suffering, anguish and pain. But, Father, one thing we do know is You are sovereign. Every tear that we cry and every sorrow that pierces our heart, You know all about it. We struggle with the if’s, and’s and but’s, but You are He who knows the beginning from the end and the right now’s of this life. Even when we don’t fully comprehend it all, let us find our trust and our peace in You.

Please touch and bless the bereaved families everywhere on today. Comfort the brokenhearted and set the captives free. Cast off yokes of heaviness and let the hurting feel Your presence in the midst of the pain. Cover and protect Your people, O God, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen!

“Your Hearts Shall Live!”

“And you who seek God, your hearts shall live,” Psalm 69:32

How many go through their day complacent in the status quo?  No passion for life.  No zeal for better.  Just run the ordinary course of the ordinary life jogger, following the crowd, content with a heart that’s just beating but not alive.

A heart that is alive thrills at the unknown.  A heart that is alive craves to pump its life source throughout every crevice of its being.  Those who seek for God are not content with just the rhythmic beat of every other man.  Their heart wants to thump against the chest wall to express the life that lives in it through Him.

When one seeks God it stirs up something on the inside of them.  It stirs a wanting of more.  Kind of like a first love.  You seek to be near that person or to simply hear their voice.  When contact is made it makes the heart beat a little faster and you feel alive!  God promises those that look for Him with that same passion your hearts shall live.  Your heart will tell a story all its own about the love that dwells in it for the one you seek.

Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly,” (John 10:10).  He wants hearts alive; hearts that live for seeking Him more and more.  From that they will reap not the status quo rather an abundance of life that flows from Him.  If the beat of your heart is a little slower these days, or your faith is not getting as excited as it used at the first, check to see who or what you have been seeking after.  It may be that you have been looking for love, acceptance and passion everywhere but the right place.  But, we have this promise, “you who seek God, your hearts shall live!”

Lord, I just want to THANK YOU!


“In happy moments, PRAISE GOD. In difficult moments, SEEK GOD. In quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD. In painful moments, TRUST GOD. Every moment, THANK GOD.” –Rick Warren

“God’s Got You Covered!”

Do you ever feel opened and exposed during the trials of life?  Do you ever feel that the enemy has free pickings when it comes to your heart ache?  Well, he doesn’t!  The enemies of this life may chase you, hunt you down and all together seek to make your life miserable, but the enemies do not have the last say over anything.  God, in His complete sovereignty has you covered!

If anybody knew about being constantly chased by enemies seeking to take their life it was David.  Saul, in a jealous pursuit, saw something special in David, the favor of God, and wanted to destroy David.  There were days when David may have felt like giving up.  There were days of hiding in caves and pretending to be a mad-man to seek solitude in other countries.  But, through it all David dealt best with his enemies through prayer.  He declared who his God was and committed his trust to Him.  In Psalm 140:7, “O God the Lord, the strength of my salvation, thou hast covered my head in the day of battle.”

To be covered means to be concealed and to be protected.  The battles of this life may at times make us feel that we are an open target to everyone who can’t stand the favor of God on us, but be of good cheer, God’s got us covered!  “As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the LORD is round about his people from henceforth even for ever,” (Psalm 125:2).  And, if God is like a mountain surrounding us then there is no adversary that can break through the covering He has over us.  It may feel like we are on the run sometimes but God is still that protecting force that “covered my head in the day of battle.”  Commit your heart aches, your battle and your enemies to God and let Him be your covering today.

“God protects His own! He is surrounding you with the forces of heaven today!”