Worth more than gold

Please, please, please read!!!!! What are other’s saying about you? What keeps running through your mind about yourself? Read this for the courage to ditch those labels and view yourself through the eyes of your Creator!!! Be blessed 🙂

label1Ugly. Not talented. Alone. Useless. Fat. Hopeless. Unwanted. Dumb. Not good enough.

These are just a few of many labels that people are given. Labels the world gives them, labels people give them, and sadly…labels that they often give themselves.

I’m sure one point in life we’ve all felt inadequate, unwanted, or just not good enough.

Maybe someone made a remark about you that made you feel like less than nothing, maybe you keep on trying but always fail, or maybe your enemy, Satan, is just doing a good job of deceiving you into believing you are something you are not.

I have news for you. You’re not allowed to label yourself.

Who labels the pepsi bottle that you drink? The person who created pepsi.

Who labels the shoes you just bought? The person who created those shoes.

I can peel off that pepsi or shoe label but the label…

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