Worship is how we honor God,

Taking the mind off of self.

It’s the moving of the soul and spirit,

Of His goodness and praises to tell.


Worship is how we lift Him up,

To the place where He belongs.

In worship we close our eyes to the world

To sing our heavenly song.


Worship gives Him the glory

That is due His holy name,

With all the hosts of heaven enjoined

In Him our salvation we claim.


Darkness and troubles try to trample it out

But my worship still remains.

Through rain and floods, storms a gale

My worship is still the same.


Through trials and tests, pain and sorrows,

It causes my worship to grow.

Hard nights and long days

Praise in my life I do sow.

No matter what’s going around you

God is still worthy to be praised.

With hearts bowed down and eyes closed

With my hands do I raise.


Stepping into worship I empty my heart

Of all my cares and woes.

For He is the One who brings me out

Of this I surely know.


Getting rid of all the stife

In worship do I release.

Putting Him on a pedestal

As my whole, my centerpiece.

God is good and God is great

In worship is what we do.

By and by, life goes on

But won’t you worship Him, too!

“Give unto the LORD the glory due His name,” Psalm 29:1


4 thoughts on ““Worship!”

    • wordforlifesays says:

      Speechless and very moved in spirit and heart is all I can say (I actually began to tear up). Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. You have brought much joy to my heart this day. May God’s blessings of peace be continually upon you and yours. And, may He always and continually bless your ministry as well 🙂


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