“We Remember. . .”



Every time when I want to write about that day, words seem so inadequate. . .

I remember so much about that day, and yet so much can’t be expressed in it’s retelling for that day was heightened by emotions that can never compare.  We can view the footage and reexamine the facts, but the lives that lived in the moment of those feelings can never be replicated.  Even trivial things seem like monuments because they occurred on that day to tell the story of that person’s experience.

But, trivial or not . . . in the epicenter or not, we do remember.

My trivial thing (but now will forever be remembered) was I remember returning items to a local store and then I was to be on my way to pay a visit to my mom when my husband called.  “Bunny,” he said (that’s what he calls me), “Don’t go to your mom’s.  Something is going on with the planes.”

I remember those words as if they were just spoken.

I didn’t immediately understand.  Yes, my mom lived right under the direct flight path of the local airport but not until I got home and turned on the television to see for myself did I understand the true horror that took place on that day and the true cause for the concern expressed.  What I saw would forever stick with me.  At that time, I viewed the second plane hitting into one of the towers.  From then on that day took on a whole new meaning.

Communication with my husband was sparse due to jammed phone lines.  I couldn’t move away from the TV except to hurry and take my children out of school for fear of what’s coming next.  We kept the coverage on TV all day until exhaustion compelled us to sleep late that night.  When we did go to bed we weren’t sure what would happen over night and what we would wake up to the next day.

And now, 14 years later . . .

My three children (number 4 wasn’t born then, she’s only 12) who were in elementary school are now all grown.  One in the military (just recently completed a 6 year enlistment).  Two in college.  One married with two babies.  All in full time jobs, and yet for so many others 14 years ago was  . . . words can never really express the feeling of loss, shock and uncertainty.  Any words that I, or anybody can offer is just that – words.  As a nation we suffered shock and sorrow over the disparity of it all.  But, you have mourned from the depths of your very soul with shattered dreams of what could have been.

That date has a forever changed meaning behind it.

We remember . . .

True patriotism came alive for most that day.

We remember . . .

Through our inadequate retellings, our memorialization’s, and our desire to help in the healing process of a story that never seems to end. . .

We remember.

In our feeble attempts grasp the understanding of it all, we remember your stories, your sacrifice, and your heroes of that day.

You are in our hearts and forever a part of the memories of that day for us and for the nation as a whole; for, we do remember.

Most of our stories can’t even touch the real-life impact of that day.  But, in solidarity we stand together with you because we remember.

God bless you and all of us on this 14th year anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

At a time when I believe brevity is best, just know that . . .

We remember.





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