What Would It Have Been Like? – “To See Dead Bones Live!”

Have you ever wondered what it would’ve been like to witness with your own eyes the events of the Bible? I have, and with that curiosity I let myself wonder “What Would It Have Been Like?” Care to travel with me today as I explore “To See Dead Bones Live!”

Can you imagine being there with God and Him turning to you to ask what is supposedly a simple but not so simple question? “Son of man, can these bones live?” (Ez. 37:3, NKJV). “What? Did I hear Him right?” is what Ezekiel must have thought. “Can these bones live?” the question just rolled through his mind dumbfounding him. Awestruck, his response was as I believe mine would have been, “O Lord GOD, You know,” (Ez. 37:3, NKJV), while shrugging my shoulders all kinds of ways. At that point I believe Ezekiel was starting to realize in a whole new way the magnitude of God. Looking out over the valley and seeing the waste of what was once life and trying to imagine them alive, his response was to appeal to the sovereignty of God – “You know!”

Let's Hear About It!!!

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