“3 Things to Remember When Rising Above the Accusers of Your Anointing!”

What is it God has called you to do? Are we afraid to move into that area because of what people might say or think? You have been anointed to work in a certain area God gifted specifically for you. Learn how to rise above the accusers of your anointing and work the work of God for your life.

Word For Life Says...

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Jesus was perfect in every way.  There was no fault found in Him.  He always had peoples best interest at heart in anything He did.  He never sidestepped the will or the purpose of God.  He never compromised or fudged the truth.  He never sought to hurt, harm, or destroy others.  Yet, despite His flawless nature, there were those who still sat in wait and watched Him suspiciously.  What did they watch for?  “They watched him . . . that they might accuse him,” (Mark 3:2).

Jesus was above sin in every way but He was still susceptible to the flapping tongues of people who didn’t believe in His ministry.  He had to deal with people who shunned the very idea that He was the Son of God.  He had to deal with people who didn’t believe He was anointed to do what He did.

Know this, just because you’re…

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