“God can do EVERYTHING!”


One morning while I was out running my morning errands I remember a prayerful heart just came over me.  I had already spent time in prayer that morning, but this was extra, inside silent prayers that just wanted to come out.

At that time, while pumping gas I just began to thank God for the simple things in life such as the sun that was beating on me that morning and being able to drive with the windows down (because the weather is so nice) and feel the air whipping through my vehicle, sending in its freshness.  I thanked God for His Word and many others things.

Then, I began to drive and silently pray for the brokenness I see in someone’s life.  I began to pray for healing and restoration to take over others.  I began to pray for chains to broken off of others.  I prayed for sicknesses to be cured, pain to be covered and for peace to enter in for some.

In the middle of praying I remember this thought dropped into my spirit: “GOD CAN DO EVERYTHING!”  Job declared it when he said, “I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee,” (Job 42:2).

In that, everything I had just prayed for, I know that God can do it.  He can fix the broken and heal the sick.  He can bring deliverance to those bound in chains and restore the shatter pieces of others lives.  GOD CAN DO IT!

No matter what you are facing today go forth with a heart full of assurance that GOD CAN DO EVERYTHING!  Whatever it is, give it to Him and believe!

5 thoughts on ““God can do EVERYTHING!”

  1. Betty Allen says:

    Amen. I do the same as I drive through my city. I’m reminded of Jesus weeping over Jerusalem and I get a little sad but as you stated God can do everything including bringing peace to my city, loosening chains n healing


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