“But there is a God in heaven . . .”

Daniel stood before king Nebuchadnezzar and declared the truth that the king and many others in this world fail to acknowledge: “There is a God in heaven,” (Daniel 2:28).  Although Nebuchadnezzar was searching for an interpretation of a dream, he should have been searching his heart.

Our God is Creator.  Our God is Sovereign over all.  He sits higher in His realm than any king or dignitary on earth.  And He looks low to the smallest of us all to personally see about us and tend to our care.  He knows who is for Him and who is against Him.  He knows the one whose heart is filled with faith and the one who shuns His grace.

He is the very God that called everything into existence, speaking over them and they came to being (Isaiah 48:13; Romans 4:17).  He is the very God that raises up and puts down (Psalms 75:7).  “He changes the times and seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings . . .” (Daniel 2:21, HCSB).

Oh yes, there is a God in heaven . . .

Whether you believe or don’t believe, it doesn’t change the very real fact that He is real.  That He reigns and rules.  He is the one who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand and marks off the measurements of heaven using His hand.  He only is the one who can gather the dust of the earth and tell you how much there is, and He can weigh or hang the mountains in His heavenly scales and tell you the balance thereof (Isaiah 40:12).

Oh yes, there is a God in heaven . . .

He does great things in the world, yet He knows every detail of my life.  He has the hairs of my own head numbered (Matthew 10:30).  He calls me out personally by name (John 10:3).  From before my beginning to my very end, He knows all about me (Psalms 139).  The mighty God in heaven is thinking about me out of all the people in the world (Psalms 139:17-18).

He’s there in heaven.  He’s here in my heart.

Oh, that the Nebuchadnezzar’s of the world would search for Him personally.  Oh, that man would open his spiritual eyes and see the truth before him: There is a God in heaven!  There are many false ways that try to deny that very fact (2 Peter 2), but it doesn’t change the reality of it all.  God is real!  God rules!  And, God has the final say!

There is a God in heaven!


Photo Source: Pixabay


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