“The God We Feel!”

Your beauty cannot be measured.
But, I can feel it when I sit still in
Contemplation and the warmth of
Your light shines within me. 
I know You are near because I can
Feel You.

The depths of Your love cannot be fathomed.
But, I can feel it when sorrows seem to
Overwhelm me and Your comforts come in
And bring delight to my soul. 
I know it’s going to be okay because I can
Feel You.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain everything we have with God.  Mere words cannot cover the scope of our experience of walking hand in hand with Him on this Christian journey.  But, we can feel Him.  We feel Him inside us, around us, over us, and working through us.  We feel God.

We feel His mercy, grace, and favor all at the same time when our sins are being forgiven and washed away.  In our failings and in our mistakes, oh, yes, we feel Him, as He takes our ashes and makes them into something beautiful.

We feel Him carry us when we have no strength to carry ourselves.  When burdens, stresses, and the disappointing waves of life crash over us and overwhelm us.  In His lifting of our heaviness, we feel Him helping us that we might endure to the end and be saved.

We can feel His Spirit empower places in our hearts and minds where we didn’t think we were equipped enough to do anything; where we felt inadequate, unsure, and insecure.  But, by the mighty rushing in of His presence on the inside, we have come alive with possibilities.  In that, yes, we feel Him.

We can feel Him take over storms and circumstances.  As He stands at the bow of our lives, He speaks peace over every worry and fret, washing them all away in the confidence of who He is.  Yes, we feel Him.

We feel Him when our eyes are opened to the blessedness of a new day.  As a flower stretches high to bask in the rays of the sun, we feel the smile of the Son shining His countenance down on us, welcoming us to experience this life with Him once more.  We feel Him.

When we see miracles break through impossibilities and prayers being answered in new and surprising ways, we feel Him.  He who sits on the throne of heaven, has bowed His ear to hear about little old me, and you think I don’t feel Him?  Yes, I feel Him!

In times of brokenness, we feel His wholeness patching up the breaches of our worn-down walls.  In times of sadness, we feel His joy come in like a new morning, chasing away the black of the night.  Ah, we feel Him.

Though words sometimes escape us, what we feel with God lets us know He is near.  He is never far.  He is reaching out to love us, to carry us, and to hold us through it all.

He’s not only this great and wonderful God that we read and learn about, but in our walk with Him we experience Him; we feel Him in every area of our lives, and through every situation we face.

He is glorious, and we can feel that.  He is wonderful, and the amazement of that is alive in us.

A relationship with God is more than just knowing of Him, but it’s feeling Him in our daily lives!

The psalmist said, “O taste and see that the LORD is good…” (Psalm 34:8).  This is something you need to know for yourself.  This is a heart-stirring within, saying personally try Him today!  Take up the sweetness of what He offers and taste Him today!  Experience Him today!  Feel Him today!  Because, He is GOOD!

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