Don’t Speak Against the Destiny God has for You!

Throughout the Bible, we are taught to use our speech patterns in healthy and productive ways.  Not only toward others, but also toward ourselves.

There is so much power bound up in the way we talk.  Proverbs 18:21 tells us, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”  Whatever is produced from our lips generates fruit.  Stuff grows, for the good or the bad, off of what we say.

James gives us the best possible illustrations of the power of the tongue by referencing it to two things we can easily understand.  In James 3:3-4 he writes, “Behold, we put bits in the horses’ mouths,  that they may obey us; and we turn about their whole body.  Behold also the ships, which though they be so great, and are driven of fierce winds, yet are they turned about with a very small helm, whithersoever the governor listeth.”  Through these two examples using a horse and a ship, James shows that mankind has down through the years discovered ways to bring these powerful objects under control.

Both of these instruments are used for control.  They both direct the course of which way the operator wants each to go, be it a rider or the governor.  Both are great examples of how these large and strong objects can be made to comply with the will of him who is controlling that little, vital piece.  If these little things under proper control can move great objects into obeisance at its master’s will, what more of the little tongue?

Our tongue not only makes an impact on the lives of others but we, ourselves, can fall victim to the outbursts of the tongue.  We have to make sure our mouth matches up with our mission.  Don’t speak against your own destiny!

Doubts can arise within a person and cause them to speak against what God wants to do through them.  Our words are powerful!  We have to choose life and blessings with the words that we speak, even to ourselves.  Make sure your mouth matches your mission.

More Encouraging Verses:

“He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life . . .” Proverbs 13:3

“A wholesome tongue is a tree of life . . .” Proverbs 15:4

“Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

“A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled.” Proverbs 18:20

“Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.” Proverbs 21:23

“A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” Proverbs 25:11

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