“The Sweetest, I Know!”

the sweetest I know - my pic

Sweeter than the ripest fruit. Sweeter than the
honey from the most abundant honeycomb is
the love of our God. No wonder David penned
these words, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is
good” for unless you have partaken of this
goodness, you haven’t experienced the Divine
in all of His glory in your life.

Take Him unto yourself. Savor the blessedness
of the Savior in your life. Take all of Him and let
Him fill you with the sweet wonder of His unfailing
love. Let Him satisfy the hunger of your soul as
only He can.

I promise you, once you really taste Him in your
life, You will not want to let Him go or lose His
flavor. For the sweetness that comes from being
united in Him in holy fellowship, there is no

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