The Treasure of Years

“With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding.” Job 12:12

Culture bulks at the idea of aging.  Instead of embracing and welcoming the wisdom of years, it’s fought against from the outside in.

I must ask, how much do we value those who have had many years that have walked the paths of this earth before us?  Previously, I wrote:

“Elderly wisdom is a treasure unlike the words we read in books.  It’s a life of experience that takes time to sit with you and care for you just to invest in your future.  Elderly wisdom has seen it all and has been through it all and can show you the paths to walk that they have already tested ahead of you.

Their words are not to be shunned or taken lightly with a roll of the eyes.  With a life well lived, they have nothing to lose by telling you the truth of how it is and how it should be.  Deaf ears be wary of missing their words for it may be the sentence where you find hope, healing, and direction to stay on the right path.” (Elderly Wisdom)

One thing I really dislike is when people out and out disrespect the senior members of our society.  If we were able to view the whole of their past lives, oh what a story they could tell us.  Many today think they live on the edge of adventure, and have more, and know more, but I reckon we don’t have anything on those who have gone before us.  They are our pioneers if you will, and although we may have the technology and all the amenities these modern marvels bring us, this precious group has so much more.  There is a treasure in the years they carry and if we will allow ourselves to listen, they could instill some very beautiful nuggets of truth and wisdom in our lives.

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