Ornamental Christianity

Image by Theo Crazzolara from Pixabay

We are in July!  Can you believe it?  It seems that this year has gone by so fast and pretty soon the heat of the summer we are experiencing will be a faded memory, put on the shelf in lieu of seasonal changes and holiday greetings.

It is during this month that a lot of people fantasize about the coming Christmas season.  “Christmas in July” sales start popping up along with shows trying to get us into the holiday spirit before it’s time.

Can I say, enjoy this season because that season will come.  Before long, you’ll be pulling out the decorations, complaining about hanging the lights, and putting up the tree with the various ornaments upon it.

Some ornaments are purely decorative, bought at a big box store.  Some have sentimental value attached to them, being handed down through the family lines or bought to commemorate something or someone special.  Some may be handmade by a child with the parents proudly displaying the gift of Christmas cheer on the tree.

Regardless of the types of ornaments, where or whom they come from, or how they were made, they all have one thing in common – they are just for show.  For most, they come out only during this special time of the year to be put on display so that all who enter the house might take in its beauty or meaning.

I have found that many treat Christianity as that ornament, only to be put on display at certain times.  We are called, my friends, not to put on a show here and there, but to be authentically real for Christ through and through.  That realness then becomes the mark of who we are and Who it is that is living inside of us.

At every turn of life, and in every season, we are to display His glory in our lives.  We are to show the world the Christ in us.  We are to be light, not seasonal or wishy-washy ones, but lights that will daily shine for our God as Jesus commanded: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16).

Ornamental Christianity is not to be a thing.  We are designed to shine authentically for Christ in every way and in every area of our lives.  Not just in opportune times or seasons.

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