“How Many Times?”

How many times have I missed the mark?

How many times have I chosen the dark?

How many times have I despised what’s right?

How many times have I lived for the night?


How many times has my life taken an ugly turn?

How many of your graces did I willingly spurn?

How many times have You tried to wrench me from the devil’s lies?

How many times, Your efforts have I despised?


How many times do you love me still?

How many times do You draw me to do Your will?

How many times has Your Spirit poured out,

To quench the thirst of this soul in drought?


How many times, in my life Your victories have won,

To reach in and save me by the blood of Your dear Son?

How many times have you drawn me to stay

By Your side because You’re the only way?


How many times have you redeemed me from my sinful plight,

To allow me relish in Your Son’s holy light?

How many times can I say I love You?

Numbering them one by one just won’t do!


How many times is a question I ask,

Because keeping this soul is an awesome task.

How many times . . . oh, I’m so grateful You do,

Never to give up on a love between me and You.


“For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again,” Proverbs 24:16


7 thoughts on ““How Many Times?”

  1. Desiray says:

    I can answer this..for me more times than what I want to remember..But I thank God for GRACE…because even as I am still on this journey and He’s doing work in me each day I can say I don’t do as much of those things as I use to do. God be the GLORY


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