Poem – “His Promise”


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His promise says I’ll never leave nor forsake you,

Even when the skies are no longer bright blue;

When the clouds and the roaring crash of thunder,

Threaten to overwhelm and drag me under.


His promise says I’ll be with you until the very end,

When people turn their backs and you can find no friend;

When troubles and trials make you cry at your wit’s end,

When life unravels, leaving a broken heart that needs to mend.


His promise says that this will work together for my good,

Though the confusion can’t be hardly understood;

When life is filled with “I wish I would,”

Taking me through all the could and should.


His promise says I lived and died for you,

Giving you everlasting life to help you make it through;

His salvation, sin’s stain erased and undo,

Bring through Him a victorious breakthrough.


“He who promised is faithful,” Hebrews 10:23


8 thoughts on “Poem – “His Promise”

  1. Patty B says:

    through the years I have felt His presence near in good and bad times – God has always kept His promise to me. But these past few months I never knew how much those promises meant to me. In the darkest hours when I could not pray God kept His promise and stayed by me. I praise God for loving us so much that He is always with us.


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