Not A Good Day, Good Day!

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“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it,” Psalm 118:24, KJV

In all honesty, I woke to a migraine in my head and my body 😀 (trying to recuperate from days of constantly moving furniture and such)!  Our days around here lately have been kind of crazzzyyyyy!!!!  And, those crazy days of dealing with people and situations can really begin to take a toll on you.  Today, I’m feeling it.

But, I have purposed that what started out as “Not a good day,” will have a better outcome. It will be a good day. It’s still very early in the day, but I have determined within myself that this journey that I am on is going to be fruitful. It’s going to emit the essence of God from my being.

No holds bar! I’m not holding anything back. I am still going to search for the good in this day. I am still going to look for a reason to smile. I am still going to work on myself as necessary. I am still going to love others. I am still going to claim the peace of God. I am still going to pray, knowing that He always hears me. I am still going to do good works. I am still going to believe the best in everything this day has to offer!

Every day is not always going to be peaches and cream. The sooner we realize that the better off we’ll be. Real life is a kicker sometimes, but I believe in the best. I believe that good can still come out of it all. That healing and restoration can still reign. That hope can still continue.

As I write this, I already can’t help but smile. “This is a day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!” God brought me through to this day. A day that has never been seen in history before and a day that will never be repeated once the clock strikes twelve tonight. I am going to make the most out of this day. I am going to handle my business and let God handle His. I am putting my cares into His hands so as not to pollute any good intentions with my mess-ups. I am going to have a “Good Day!”

What is trying to rob you of a good day today? Don’t play with it. Don’t turn it over and over again in your mind. Release it. Give it to God. Let Him take the steering wheel as He drives you to your destination today. He knows how to bypass the contentions and He knows the shortcuts past the animosity. Let Him drive and you take your hands off the wheel.

I have determined that that is how I will finally see the good in my day. Me reaching my destination is important, but the drive there will tell me if the journey was pleasant or not. I intend on enjoying the journey of today. Declare today that bitterness, strife, and contentions have no place in the passenger seat with me. I am buckled up in Jesus and ready to go!

Drive on Jesus, let’s do this day together. Make what started out as not a good day into something special!

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