“Formulas Aren’t Faith!”



No matter which way you look at it 2+2 will always equal 4. It will never change. As long as the equation is written the same exact way each and every time, the outcome will always be the same.

In life it’s not always that easy. One day we may wake up and we do something that brings happiness, joy, or success. Thinking to repeat the same results, the next day we awake and try the same equation. Unfortunately, this time it doesn’t always equal up to the previous time allowing discouragement to take over at what seems to be failed results.

Befuddled, one wonders in confusion of how can this be?

More confusing is when we try to apply this mathematical method to our walk of faith. Yet, that in and of itself is contradictory to the very essence of faith itself. For if one is striving to walk by formulas then he/she is not walking by faith.

Formulas are not faith. Pre-prescribed methods are not the path of liberty to walk freely in trust and belief before God.

Do we get discouraged because the 2+2 of our spiritual disciplines didn’t add up to the amazing results it once produced? For instance, one morning I may get up and pray before having coffee or anything. My morning worship is awesome. My day is awesome. Therefore, I repeat the process day by day.  Then, one day I awake too tired to form a coherent thought and need to sit for a bit first and drink a cup of coffee while I fully wake. What do I do? Is my day predicated on my formula or my faith?

It’s easy to get attracted to formulas for in them we feel like we have some control over our destiny. But, this is not the life we have been chosen to live. We are called to “walk by faith, and not by sight,” (2 Corinthians 5:7). Jesus repeatedly stated, “Your faith has made you well,” (Matthew 9:22; Mark 10:5).

I absolutely don’t knock anyone’s way they are used to doing anything; spiritual or otherwise. I don’t buck against their rituals or the like that makes each one of us comfortable. We all have things we like to do a certain way. But, we must never let these things take precedence over our spiritual walk in Him. We must never let formulas replace faith.


2 thoughts on ““Formulas Aren’t Faith!”

  1. Mary-Elaine Horn says:

    This makes sense. I hear the words “walk by faith” but then I see action like if this # of people will give X then we will have this much. When a person cannot meet the “X” then you mess with the “this much.” Walking by faith –Philippians. 4:12

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