“My Redeemer Lives!”

When fear surrounds
and questions lurk
and doubt becomes
a prevalent force.
When troubles prevail
and night overtakes the day,
and times feel lost,
at the end of the course.

When hope slips, memories fade,
I grab hold to pull You near;
to hear what You have to say.
My Redeemer lives are the words I read,
the whispers that encourage –
the strength to stay.

Sitting in the ashes and dust.
Friends, miserable comforters
and in companions, no trust.
Alone and desolate,
vacant from a touch of love,
my eyes raise in prayer
seeking from Him that is above.

Back down on the pages
in Your Word, I read,
my Redeemer lives –
someone somewhere is thinking about me.
A revelation to encourage,
a truth to behold,
my Redeemer lives, there I am told.

Guess what, all hope is not lost!
though turbulent waves crash
and life feels tossed.

Shine down, O Savior, I pray,
and lift me from this dusty sorrow.
Let Your might, Your love, Your truth prevail
and bless my soul, O My Hope for tomorrow.

Dear Friends, even if things don’t look like their turning in your favor.  Even if today doesn’t look better than yesterday. God, your Redeemer is alive and in charge. No matter what it looks like right now, believe HIM through it all! Just ask Job.  Through it all, he declared, “For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth,” (Job 19:25). 

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