“What will our story tell?”


I have often wondered about the Bible and the characters whose lives are portrayed within its pages.  More often than not, I believe most of those lives didn’t know that their choices and actions and their everyday occurrences would be forever etched in that holy book.  They didn’t know their story would be referenced for thousands of years sharing with generations the do’s and don’t’s of life, dealing with others, and our relationship with God.  If they had known, would some have made better choices?  Would the outcome of certain lives look different than what those holy pages tell?

Our future is written already at the end of that holy book, the Bible.  Whether one chooses to follow God’s ways or not, the story is already shown how it will end.  But, can we let our imaginations roam a bit.  What if God was writing a story right now and the characters written in it are you and me?  How would our chapters read?  What will our story tell?  Will we be conquerors of faith or sitters on the sidelines?  Will our lives tell the story of being victorious for Him or did we follow the masses down the path of wrong choices?

What if we choose to live our lives like a story is being written as we speak?

There is not a new Bible being written, but everything we say and do is.  One day, there will be a book opened and in its pages, our lives come to life (see Revelation 20:12).  Our story will be read.  The chronicles of our being and time here on earth will be studied and judged for where we will spend eternity.

What will our story tell?

We all have the power to determine how our story will end through the life we choose to live today.  Make your story a good one.  Let the pages thereof ring true of the epic adventures you and God went through together, coming out on the other side in victory!  C.S. Lewis said, “History is a story written by the finger of God,” and I want my story to be a good one.

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