Poem – “Before”

Before . . .
Before any pain . . .
Before any disappointments . . .
Before any tragedies and hurts . . .
Before any suffering . . .
Before any upsets . . .
Before any misunderstandings
and curse . . .
God knew you
and formed you
and created you to be,
a child victorious;
sanctified to lead.
What you see right now
is not all there is,
God designed you with potential
for such a time as this.
He created and filled you
with anointing for the task.
Don’t let what you see
make you question and ask,
“Is this me?
Do I make a difference?
What’s the point of it all?”
You have it in you to succeed;
to climb mountains so tall.
Believe more in His divine
design for your life.
Over any posed signs of
animosity and strife.
Believe His perfect plan
for your life will win out –
therefore, shhh . . .  
silence the voice of doubt.
He formed you;
He knew you;
He brought you to be.
Go ahead and claim it –
you’re a child of victory!
“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee…” Jeremiah 1:5
~ © Word For Life Says~

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